From time to time I’m asked how I compose my music. Today I’ll tell you: I don’t plan it. Something is moving me. It’s a strong feeling – so I go to my piano to play with this emotion. Behind every tune from my album „Little Journey“ are stories, emotions or experiences. Words are too limited for me to express feelings. Emotions are much bigger and complex. Playing the music on the piano is the perfect language for me to express emotions in music much more accurate than it would be possible with words.
I’m improvising, playing and composing until I have the impression, the tune is ready. When a tune is composed, I play it and also improvise on it in it’s emotion. So the music is live always a bit different.
I travel while playing the piano through different moments of life. With the authentic pieces of “Little Journey” I go through a small journey through different moments in life such as experiences of loneliness, failure, but also of joy and hope…

I will tell you something about some tunes of this album:

„Opening Up“: Something opens. Somebody opens himself in a way… Opening up and get along with yourself. Open the door and listen to the song of your heart. Here and now.

I wrote the tune “Loneliness” when I felt lonely. Developing and playing it I’ve realized: At the same time it’s a fight against loneliness too.

„Ice Oasis“: I wasn’t able to do everything I wanted to to. This made me feel kind of frozen: I felt like being in an oasis of ice. You hear that. Them the movement is coming, maybe you recognize some hope of spring…

With „Shifting Realms“ I was thinking about the experience, how complex realitycan be. Not everything is gold, which glitters. And vice versa. Not everything that looks bad or feels bad at the first impression is really bad. What I perceive as reality is not always reality. In this music I made different realities are moving towards one another: in the music, in the melodies, in the chords in the final part, and in the chosen 7/4 pulse with time change.

“Thinking” – think and let yourself be carried away by the thoughts …

“Planets In Between”: When I compare something with something else I knew before, I realize: there are worlds in between. Or let’s say it with the words of this tune: there are “Planets In Between”. It is an instrumental love song…

In the album cover of this CD you have texts and pictures for each tune. Now have fun listening, discovering, thinking and relaxing 🙂

The CD is available everywhere in stores. You can have LITTLE JOURNEY here directly at Creative Heart Music via mail-order (on request signed by me for you). The album is also available on Amazon and on all popular digital platforms, such as iTunes, Spotify … or as music book for piano.

Have a good journey and take care!

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