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The instrumental pieces on this album are about the primal longing that every person carries in his heart and the precious experience of its occasional fulfillment. This longing can take many forms. Sometimes it is a non-verbal urge that again and again develops in us. Sometimes it is a dominant as well as mysterious energy that we observe in the lives of others. In any case longing is a force that is so deeply rooted in humanity that it became more and more important to me to tell about it with my music. So longing became the subject and the motivation of this album at the same time.
It challenges us to face this longing. It is rewarding to pursue this longing. It is life-changing, to make room for this longing.

Christiane is expanding her intuitive, often lyrical as well as powerful piano playing with synthesizers. With these lively sounds Christiane has a language to express emotions in music much more accurate than it would be possible with words. In this album “LONGING” she plays different sides of longing with compositions that take a lot of room for spontaneous improvisations at the same time in itself. Ambient Jazz Piano.

Single Resurrection:

Christiane Dehmer: Piano, Synths and all other instruments
All tracks composed, arranged and performed by Christiane Dehmer
Recorded & Produced by Matthias Dehmer
Mixed by Chris Reiss
Mastered by Alexander Klebl at marell studios
CD-Artwork & Fotodesign by Carola Thieme
Photography: Portraits by Carola Thieme / Nature Fotos by Christiane Dehmer

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