Only the photo is a bit cheesy, the music isn’t 😉


Hi friends, this year I’m celebrating the St. Nicolas’ Day on December 6th in a special way:
The Album „Freue Dich!“ played by my „Christiane Dehmer Trio“ is available in the stores and online!


We are celebrating it by playing a concert.
Who is in this area in Germany: you are welcome to celebrate the St. Nicholas Day with me and my Trio: We play a concert on 6. December in D-97980 Bad Mergentheim.

The title „Freue Dich“ is a german expression that means: Rejoice.
It’s my favorite Christmas songs, the way I like them most: eleven traditional German Christmas carols – from „O Christmas Tree“, Silent Night” to „O thou happy” surprisingly new and contemporary arranged. With vocals and instrumental, from jazz to pop – from groovy to peaceful. The songs are exciting, atmospheric – and maintain their character. Here you can listen and have a look.
Do you already know our album trailer?

A wonderful St. Nicolas’ Day to you and „Rejoice“ 🙂
Warm greetings,

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