Dear ones, recently in this time of crisis I played encouraging online concerts for you: with a hopeful mood, to look forward together. There I played mostly touching instrumental pieces. Now the crisis is not over yet, and I realize that you could need a little more: words. Words about staying together in times of crisis, with solidarity and compassion. Words that can be with you in everyday life. Walking through thick and thin together and sticking together.
I have written 6 songs about it. Right now I’m making them for you with passion, and soon they will appear on the EP “Together”. I sing and play piano. The music is surrounded by warm synthesizer sounds and grooves too. These Pop Songs have a bit of new soul, jazz and electro. Here you have as a sneakpeak the hymn in times of crisis: This is the refrain of the title song “Together” in a live-version:

I’ll let you know when you can hear the EP „Together“: Just sign up for my newsletter.
I am planning the EP for this year. Somehow I have a suspicion that I won’t be able to play that many concerts near you in 2020. But we will do that later, I promise!
Let’s stick together, because TOGETHER we are stronger.

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