Six years ago the earthquake and tsunami happened in Japan, starting in Sendai. I have no words for this disaster. It moved me deeply, and I wondered, how I could help. So I played an improvisation for the people, that tells about these things that one can rediscover in all the destruction: hope, confidence, faith, courage, compassion and friendship – with my best wishes for you!

Than cause of this the atomar disaster happened in the nuclear power plant in Fukushima.  It still occupies me. The earthquake and the Tsunami are over now. But Fukushima and what it means for our world will remain.

In the following video I play a piece of music that I have dedicated to the “Fukushima 50 “. When the disaster took its course in Fukushima, 50 workers remained in the damaged nuclear power plant, to avoid that the situation gets completely out of control. With primitive means they fought under the most adverse circumstances against the radioactive danger and put their lives to risk. The catastrophe of Fukushima and the actions of these people show once again that bravery, courage and personal commitment in the face of the complete failure of high-technology is the only reality that we have. Security, however, is an illusion.

It’s wonderful and most important how generally many people do something for other people, for life, for peace, for a better world.

The tune was recorded live during the night of 24.3.2011. I played piano, synthesizer and vocals. In addition, I used a more than 40 years old tube tape echo (Echolette S) which produced pretty crazy sounds from the piano. This ancient device and its distorted sound symbolizes in a special way, how outdated and not very controllable some of our technologies became.

Music is saying more than words: Listen to the echoes in our hearts…

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