The year 2016 is almost over. The end of the year bring some days without too much work now. That’s a great occasion to relax a little bit. So do I.
I think a lot about the last year these days, just as if I were sitting in a train, making a little journey through the last year and looking out of the window: I see the landscape passing by, I recall special events and remember some people I met. That’s the idea of my new video „Little Journey“ on Youtube:

There you can see some impressions of some of my trips from last year and I play the tune “Little Journey” from my album: “Little Journey – Piano Cycles”.

In this video you will notice the sunny views. So I wish you a good start into a sunny, happy and healthy 2017. My personal wish for 2017 is that people live together with respect and love for each other and may live in peace.

Take care!
Warm greetings,

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