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I’m proud to announce: From today on you can buy and order my two piano sheet music books in the stores!

For all those who love playing the piano: With the music book “Freue Dich!” You can play 11 famous german christmas carols surprisingly differently: groovy, sometimes as a pop song, blues, latin, swing … The songs are exciting, atmospheric – and maintahin their character.

Here you have my favorite Christmas songs – the way I like them most. Even if you do not play the piano, you can listen to it. There is the Christmas album “Freue Dich!” From my Christiane Dehmer trio, which will be available from 6.12.2016 in the shops and online.

These carols I arranged for piano – because I wanted and several people asked me to do this. All these “surprisingly different” famous german Christmas songs I’ve arranged based on the band-version on the album. For each one is the right version in this music book: more easy and more advanced piano arrangements – and as a bonus the leadsheets – makes 60 pages. For the ultimate fun at christmas and the time before. As the name “Freue Dich!” means: „Rejoice!“

The music book has the practical spiral binding, which fits and stands good at every piano. The music book is made with german language – but don’t worry: The music and the chord-symbols are international  😉

There’s one extra joy: you can listen to the simplifyed piano versions and check out how I’ve played them for you: here on Youtube:

In the music book “Little Journey“ you will find nine Ambient Jazz Piano pieces for my album “Little Journey“.

The sheet music is distributed via Nova MD and is available in book shops and also on Amazon. You can order it by writing an email to me, or easy at Creative Heart Music. There you can have a look in both music books, too.

Have fun playing and listening.

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