Encouraging online concerts

Of course I also wanted to play many concerts in different places at the moment. The Corona crisis came in between. And I am still here for you!

I’ve noticed that many people are irritated and are longing for courage and hope. It’s great to realize a lot of people stick together, even if you can’t meet personally.
I have composed my instrumental pieces and songs about many topics, which often arose from difficulties, but which give courage and have a positive, hopeful mood.
So if I can’t play personally in your area, I will come directly to your home in a virtual way and play online concerts for you as long as the Corona crisis is.

So you can simply take a deep breath and recharge your batteries with a good mood. With this concert will have a change in your everyday life, which for many of you now stays in your own four walls.
And: It is music against fear. Let us stick together, because together we are stronger.
This is also a line of lyrics in the chorus of my title song “Zusammen” (Together), which will be released as an EP in 2020. This text fits so well into the current time that I already sing the chorus there for you. And gladly with you 🙂


I started at facebook with interactive concerts in (mostly) german, but now I play for you english speaking friends a concert just in english with a separate YouTube-link to watch it. Here is it:

If you’d like to see also my next online concert: Warm welcome to my email-newsletter, and I will email the link to you. See you!

(For my German speaking friends: There is the German video: https://youtu.be/wtvQxYrZ0XY)

Who likes to support me and help me to play online concerts, can donate instead of an “entrance fee” with paypal.me/christianedehmer  Thanks 🙂

We do not know exactly how everything will continue, but let us go through and overcome the crisis together.

See you soon and stay healthy and in good mood!


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