Album SOAKING and its history

I know that some of you have been waiting for this elaxed instrumental music to be online. Several years ago a version of this album was released as CD at Vineyard Music, and finally the music is online: remixed and relaunched in a new appearance.

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This album was created as improvisations for friends, and is quite calm, optimistic music with piano and synthesizer. Ambient jazz piano with a touch of pop. Listening to my music is great to rest, think, breathe, refuel, but also sitting together comfortably or driving a car. Just try it out. Some friends have already told me with this music moods can change into positive atmosphere, and it’s easy to relax.

Here you can listen: It’s a sneakpeak of “Peace Of Mind”. I think, peace is starting inside our thoughts. And you will see in this YouTube-video how I experience „Soaking“:

Now the album SOAKING (relaunched) is online (almost) everywhere: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and wherever you are. 

In the 9 pieces of SOAKING (relaunched) you will listen to, played experiences and desires such as the little luck of a “Welcome Home”, the slow awakening in “Arise” as well as “Transformed Memories” of friends, who wish “A Healing Touch” from time to time. Enjoy!

I wish you relaxed moments to refuel in everyday life.

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