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Single: I AM HERE
out now: 25. June 2021

“I AM HERE” was born out of a feeling of separation between friends. At the beginning of the Corona lockdown, it was not possible to meet friends. Knowing that some of her friends weren`t well, I felt sad not to be able to care for them properly. Who can be at the same time in different places…?
Out of this feeling the song „I AM HERE“ has been created: If my friends can not experience my physical presence, they at least can know that they are cared for in this way. 

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You are not alone!


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Coming soon: EP “TOGETHER” with songs by Christiane Dehmer

Especially in these challenging times now, it is so important to stick together and to go through thick and thin together… That’s what I sing and play for you in 6 songs of my EP „Together“ that are now in the making! I will keep you informed when you can hear them: Just sign up for my newsletter.

Let’s stick together, because: TOGETHER we are stronger 🙂


I tell you why I wrote the songs. And you can listen to the hymn of staying together:

I’m playing different keys, such as synthesizers:


Encouraging online concerts:


AlbumSOAKING (relaunched)“ everywhere online and on CD!

Enjoy listening this very relaxing, inspiring and positive instrumental music with piano and synthesizer. You can listen to it online and on CD. More:here.

Here is a sneakpeak for you…


… and a live version of “Peace of mind”:


Christiane Dehmer:  LONGING – CD available in stores & everywhere online!

listen and see more: here.
Album “Little Journey” entered the German Jazz Charts on iTunes at #42, and the Single “Thinking” on #8!

Single RESURRECTION from album “Longing”:

German Version “WÜNSCHE” of the song WISHES, coming soon in the EP TOGETHER:

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