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Little Journey

Christiane Dehmer, Albumcover, Little Journey- Piano Cycles, Klavierzyklus, Piano Solo, Solopiano,

The album “Piano Cycles – Little Journey” is the first solo piano album by Christiane Dehmer. The nine tunes on this album describe a little journey through life arranged as a piano cycle.

The Single “Thinking” entered the German Jazz Charts on iTunes at #8, and this album “Little Journey” on #42!
Available everywhere online and on CD. Enjoy listening:

This album tells about small steps that overcome great distances, about perception and its duality as well as experiences of loneliness, failure, but also of joy and hope. It’s a „Little Journey“ through one of life’s cycles. What cannot be said with words, blazes a trail through a world of sound. Christiane’s music initiates an effective interaction between what is heard and what is felt.
The tunes of the album are about small steps that create great distance, about the perception of duality and about the experiences and struggles of loneliness and failure. But also the pieces tell us about the joy and hopes of life. Impressions, feelings, thoughts and experiences are transferred into music. This music draw the picture of that little journey through life, right now, in retrospect, and especially in the heart. Alternating between improvisation and composition Christiane’s playing is full of special musical and emotional moments.
This piano solo album shifts elegantly between jazz, classical music and pop.

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