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Soaking relaunched

soaking, Christiane Dehmer, Albumcover, soaking relaunched

In the 9 pieces of “SOAKING (relaunched)” you will listen to played experiences and desires such as the little luck of a “Welcome Home”, the slow awakening in “Arise” as well as “Transformed Memories” of friends, who wish “A Healing Touch” from time to time.

This relaxing instrumental album you can get here:

A teaser of “Peace Of Mind” from the album “SOAKING (relaunched)”. I think, peace is starting inside our thoughts:

All music composed by Christiane Dehmer. All rights reserved.
Piano and all other instruments by Christiane Dehmer.
Mix: Chris Reiss.
Mastering: Alexander Klebl at marell studios.
© 2018 / 2020 Creative Heart Music

© 2024 Christiane Dehmer