christiane_dehmer_foto-by-claudia-monika-kuhn_02_swChristiane Dehmer is a passioned and professional pianist. She plays catchy, melodic and deeply atmospheric instrumental compositions on piano and synthesizers with an optimistic, relaxing and inspiring touch. Her music combines harmonious diversity and sophistication with catchy melodies, transparent structures and atmospheric sounds: AMBIENT JAZZ PIANO. The character in her moody instrumental arrangements alternates between delicate emotional depth, progressive suspension and power of confidence.

Christiane’s roots in jazz and her skilled grasp of the substance of the music run through her music. Her own style, her virtuosity and harmonic finesse makes her music very special. On live-concerts Christiane Dehmer plays beside of the piano also other instruments, such as synthesizers: One Synth is on the top of the piano, and another synthesizer she plays via a foot pedal. Sometimes she is singing, too. The compositions of Christiane Dehmer have a lot of room for improvisation, so her music is live every time slightly different.

Christiane Dehmer studied jazz piano at the Wuerzburg Music Conservatory and finished her studies with a degree in educational and artistic music, jazz/pop composition and digital music production. In the years before she studied at the Weimar Music Conservatory and finished there with the State Board Examination in Music Education with piano improvisation and accompaniment as her main subject and supplemental studies in Music Theory. Christiane is teaching at the Wuerzburg Music Conservatory. She performs solo or with her “Christiane Dehmer Trio”.