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Songs about “sticking TOGETHER” in these challenging times

Together (Remix)
EP “Together”
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TOGETHER (Remix) is a dance pop song with a catchy refrain. It’s with analog synthesizers, colorful grooves, Christianes warm voice and vocal-samples in a versatile arrangement. This happy, energetic song is about supporting, helping and the joy in our lives. Christiane experienced this in Uganda, where she made the official video to this upbeat song with kids from the aid organization „Vision for Africa“, that she supports.


The German singer-songwriter Christiane Dehmer wrote songs about sticking together in these challenging times.
The material of this EP called „Zusammen“ contains 6 songs written in German. The album has been released in October 2020. After the positive resonance of this EP Christiane decided to publish it again in 2022 with English lyrics, as a response to the requests of her international fans and social media followers. With this release Christiane intends to spread the relevant message of social cohesion and solidarity worldwide, especially in current times of the global crisis.

Original songs about hope and for spreading good vibes. A colorful Pop in a fresh, creative style.

EP “Together” by Christiane Dehmer (piano, vocals, keys, composition, lyrics, production)

Label: Creative Heart Music (LC 25524)
Catalog number: CHM 080402
UPC/EAN: 4260181230160

Tracklist /ISRC:

1_ Together 5:56 (DELI42100001)
2_ I Won’t Let The Darkness 4:17 (DELI42200002)
3_ I Am Here 5:35 (DELI42100003)
4_ No Matter 4:31 (DELI42100004)
5_ Led By Your Hand 3:55 (DELI42200005)
6_ Wishes 5:52 (DELI42200006)

Each of the 6 songs brings an aspect of connection which you can live together with others:

“Let’s stick together, because: TOGETHER we are stronger”

A Pop with a pinch of electro, R&B style, and colorful harmonies. The piano harmonizes with Christiane’s warm and unique voice. It complements the meaning of the lyrics. The versatile synthesizer sounds and grooves enhance the songs. Some people are reminded of Alicia Keys or Elton John’s music listening to her album, but that doesn’t describe enough Christiane’s style of writing. 

Christiane Dehmer is a passionate and enthusiastic pianist. She studied piano improvisation and accompaniment, jazz piano, jazz/pop composition, music theory, singing and music production. She not only wrote her songs, but also played, sung and produced them.

Christiane is known for both: singing and being a pianist. In the purely pianistic side of her career she created lyrical and touching instrumental pieces. Sometimes there are no existing words to describe certain emotions, that’s why Christiane has found in music a language that expresses them in a most direct way possible.

Christiane „loves other human beings“ and she feels compassionate about their dreams and difficulties. During the Corona crisis, she started a series of online concerts to retrieve connection and inner peace among others. She created „music against fear“. After while she introduced words to her instrumental music, as right words in a right moment are needed to enhance the intensity of the musical message.

You can listen to the artistic background of her songs, as well as to the „hymn of staying together“ itself, the chorus of the song „Together“:

Single: I AM HERE

“I AM HERE” was born out of a feeling of separation between friends. At the beginning of the Corona lockdown, it was not possible to meet friends. Knowing that some of her friends weren`t well, I felt sad not to be able to care for them properly. Who can be at the same time in different places…?
Out of this feeling the song „I AM HERE“ has been created: If my friends can not experience my physical presence, they at least can know that they are cared for in this way. 

Enjoy listening everywhere online, such as Spotify, Amazon & iTunes/AppleMusic.
You are not alone!

I Am Here, Christiane Dehmer, single cover, single, song


No Matter, Christiane Dehmer, single cover, single, song

It is easy and it feels normal to stand by each other in good times. It becomes more complicated in times of crisis: when serious worries can scare and paralyze.

The dramatic groove of the song „NO MATTER“ underlines the statement of the song: it is important to remember that you go through life together, no matter what. The lyrics of the chorus “No matter what, I stand by you” have one more dimension: you can listen to your intuition, trust to and be patient with yourself having faith that even if you lost your direction and don’t know how to go on, when everything around you threatens to collapse, you can still rely on your inner power.

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Christiane Dehmer studied jazz piano at the Wuerzburg Music Conservatory and finished her studies with a degree in educational and artistic music, jazz/pop composition and digital music production. In the years before she studied at the Weimar Music Conservatory and finished there with the State Board Examination in Music Education with piano improvisation and accompaniment as her main subject and supplemental studies in Music Theory. Christiane is teaching at the Wuerzburg Music Conservatory. She performs solo or with her “Christiane Dehmer Trio”.
She entered the iTunes Jazz Charts at #42 with her album “Little Journey”, and at #8 with her single “Thinking”.


Christiane’s roots in jazz and her skilled grasp of the substance of the music run through her music. Her own style, her virtuosity and harmonic finesse make her music very special. On live concerts Christiane Dehmer plays beside the piano also other instruments, such as synthesizers: One Synth is on the top of the piano, and another synthesizer she plays via a foot pedal. Sometimes she is singing, too. The compositions of Christiane Dehmer have a lot of room for improvisation, so her music is live every time slightly different.

Christiane Dehmer is a passioned and professional pianist. She plays catchy, melodic and deeply atmospheric instrumental compositions on piano and synthesizers with an optimistic, relaxing and inspiring touch. Her music combines harmonious diversity and sophistication with catchy melodies, transparent structures and atmospheric sounds. The character in her moody instrumental arrangements alternates between delicate emotional depth, progressive suspension and power of confidence.

Christiane Dehmers instrumentals from the albums “Longing”, “Soaking (relaunched)” & “Little Journey” remind of Ludovico Einaudi, George Winston, Vangelis, Yiruma und Keith Jarrett.

Her songs remind of Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, Elton John and Imogen Heap: just with their own recognizable style. Pop with creative arrangements, and the piano is always there.

Albums by Christiane Dehmer – released by label “Creative Heart Music”:

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