Experience sticking together with music & words

It’s a challenging time, but together we are stronger...

If you search for a nice way to connect with others and stick together in these challenging times, please join in - listen and sing along with this song I’ve composed for you!

Here is the chorus of the song "Together" as an acoustic live version.
It's my hymn of sticking together.

You can also use it as sing along:

Do you want the original of "Together-Remix"?

So you get it:

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Feel welcome:

About me:

My name is Christiane. I am a singer, pianist and composer. I love other human beings and feel compassionate about their dreams and difficulties. During the Corona crisis, I started a series of online concerts to retrieve connection and inner peace among others. After a while, I introduced words to my instrumental music, as the right words in the right moment are needed to enhance the intensity of the musical message. I wrote six songs of the EP "Together": you`ll find there some moving, touching music, filled with hope, and a bright, positive vision of the coming future.

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