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Colorful dance-pop with joy of life about sticking together 

Together (3:45 min)

Remix by Christiane Dehmer (vocals, piano & all other instruments, lyrics, arrangements and production) 

Label: Creative Heart Music
(LC 25524)
Katalognummer: CHM 080305
EAN/GTN: 4260181230214
ISRC: DELI42400001

Download promotion material (text, press, mp3, wav, photos): Together-Remix-Dropbox
Download mp3: Together (Remix)

The German singer-songwriter Christiane Dehmer has released the dance-pop remix of her song “Together” from the EP “Together” on 02.FEB.2024. She intends to spread the relevant message of social cohesion and solidarity worldwide, especially in these current times of global challenges not only with her music, but also with her connection to the christian aid organization “Vision for Africa” in Uganda. Thanks to the sponsors, children who cannot afford to go to school can grow up in this village. They are supported by getting a proper education, loads of hope for better future, they ‘re surrounded by friends, love and a good care.

Christiane was very touched by experiences on her journey to Uganda, so she invited kids and young adults from “Vision for Africa” organization to be featured in her official video, that’s now published on YouTube. Christianes godchild is dancing there as well! The message of the song is: “TOGETHER we are stronger”.

Christiane Dehmer hopes that her music will inspire people to stand up for solidarity and help others, especially children who would otherwise have no chance for any kind of organized education.
With her remix of “Together”, Christiane Dehmer not only wants to spread joy of life, but also to encourage people to strengthen relationships and to stand by each other.

listen to the song:

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Analog synthesizers, haunting, invigorating grooves go along with the warm voice of Christiane. Vocal-samples from the original recording create versatile fills and instrumental parts.

History of this song:

Christiane Dehmer wrote a set of songs about sticking together in these challenging times. It started in 2020 with an EP called „Zusammen“ (Together), containing six songs written in German. After the positive resonance after releasing this EP Christiane decided to publish it again with English lyrics, as a response to the requests of her international fans and social media followers. With this EP “Together” Christiane intends to spread the relevant message of social cohesion and solidarity worldwide, especially in current times of the global challenges.
The remix is made for dancing, a bit shorter then the original song, including synthesizer-movements rather than pure piano.


Christiane Dehmer is a passioned professional pianist and singer. She studied piano improvisation and accompaniment, jazz piano, jazz/pop composition, music theory, singing and music production at the Music Conservatory in Wuerzburg and Weimar, Germany.  She not only composes her songs, but also plays, sings and produces them.

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Download promotion material (text, press, mp3, wav, photos): Together-Remix-Dropbox
Download mp3: Together (Remix)

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