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Together Songs

EP by Christiane Dehmer (piano, vocals, keys, composition, lyrics, production)

Label: Creative Heart Music (LC 25524)
Catalog number: CHM 080402
UPC/EAN: 4260181230160


1_ Together 5:56
2_ I Won’t Let The Darkness 4:17
3_ I Am Here 5:35
4_ No Matter 4:31
5_ Led By Your Hand 3:55
6_ Wishes 5:52

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since SEP 30. 2022

Encouraging songs songs about to go through good and challenging times TOGETHER with other people and God in a good way.

Original songs about hope and for spreading good vibes. A colorful Pop in a fresh, creative style.


sneak peaks into every song:


Christiane Dehmer is a passionate and enthusiastic German pianist and singer. She studied piano improvisation and accompaniment, jazz piano, jazz/pop composition, music theory, singing and music production. She not only wrote her songs, but also played, sung and produced them. She was for a long time worship leader in church and coaches worship pianists and bands.

Christiane is known for both: singing and being a pianist. In the purely pianistic side of her career she created lyrical and touching instrumental pieces. Sometimes there are no existing words to describe certain emotions, that’s why Christiane has found in music a language that expresses them in a most direct way possible.

Let’s stick together, because: TOGETHER we are stronger

Messages of the songs:

Each of the 6 songs brings an aspect of connection which you can live together:

The title song TOGETHER is about being with each other even in dark times, remembering the beautiful experiences, and moving forward together. Together we are stronger, and together we can go more forward than we can imagine. We can only overcome the crisis through unity. We can find creative ways to live support and love each other.

I WON’T LET THE DARKNESS is a song about perspective: When I look at my own or others’ failures, I often feel discouraged. Thoughts of darkness can pull down. From dark feelings and thoughts you often can not get yourself out alone. Not only people can support me. Because God is on my side, I can trust him and the troubled thoughts can calm down.

I AM HERE was born out of a feeling of separation between friends. At the beginning of the Corona lockdown, it was not possible to meet friends. Knowing that some of her friends weren’t well, Christiane felt sad not to be able to care for them properly. Out of this feeling a song „I AM HERE“ has been created: If her friends can not experience her physical presence, they at least can know that they are cared for in this way.

Only God can be with all people at the same time. He loves every human so much. He is very close, understands everyone personally, supports and intercedes for everyone. He is the God who introduces himself with this name: “I am here.” Sometimes you forget because you can’t see God the way another person can. This song reminds us that God is always there, even if you don’t feel or see Him. In the middle of the song, a choir sings “I am there” from all sides. This song has no “end” but a fadeout, because God’s love and nearness never stops.

In the official music video to this song „I Am Here“ you see, how in difficult and sad situations there is help and comfort. You see, how in lonely landscapes the letters come up: „I Am Here“. Wherever you go, no matter what season and what circumstances: out OUR God is always near, with his love, comfort and wisdom – and as a friend who knows everything. So the soul gets peace, hope and joy:

No Matter, Christiane Dehmer, single cover, single, song

It is easy and it feels normal to stand by each other in good times. It becomes more complicated in times of crisis: when serious worries can scare and paralyze.

The dramatic groove of the song NO MATTER underlines the statement of the song: it is important to remember that you go through life together, no matter what. The lyrics of the chorus “No matter what, I stand by you” has more dimensions: you can listen to your intuition, trust to and be patient with yourself having faith that even if you lost your direction and don’t know how to go on, when everything around you threatens to collapse, you can still rely on your inner power.

And: No matter what, God stays the same and is always with his love on your side.

The official music video of this song “No Matter” will be released on OCT 25th 2022.

LED BY YOUR HAND speaks of love and about turning bad experiences into trust to God.

The final song of the EP is WISHES. Christiane wishes everyone, what you actually can not give yourself. In times of crisis, you often do not need special things, but what you really long for from the heart. This can be an upwind, a change, a passion that you like to live.

Every person is made just right by God. At the same time, everyone is shaped and gifted differently. In the song “Wishes” I wish the listeners to find and do what their heart burns for, what they are created for. To live what is in a person brings deep joy.


Standing together worldwide is very important right now. The German singer-songwriter Christiane Dehmer wrote songs about sticking together in these challenging times.
The material of this EP contains 6 songs originally written in German, published in OCT. 2020 with the title “Zusammen”. After the positive resonance of this EP Christiane decided to publish it again with English lyrics, as a response to the requests of her international fans and social media followers. With this EP “Together” Christiane intends to spread the relevant message of social cohesion and solidarity worldwide, especially in current times of the global crisis.

Christiane „loves other human beings“ and she feels compassionate about their dreams and difficulties. During the Corona crisis, she started a series of online concerts to retrieve connection and inner peace among others. She created „music against fear“. After while she introduced words to her instrumental music, as right words in a right moment are needed to enhance the intensity of the musical message.



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